1978 Dallas Cowboys "N.F.C." Champions 10K Gold, with Diamonds and Sapphires, Player's Ring


This unique 1978 Dallas Cowboys "National Football Conference" Champions 10K Gold, with Diamonds and Sapphires, Ring was awarded to a *STARTING* Player!  Ring weighs 34 grams, is approximately a size 8.75, and was made by Jostens.  (Player's name raised name and embossed number have been greened out, in Photoshop, to protect the identity of the player.  The ring itself has not been altered.  Since this ring is made of gold, it can be resized, at least two sizes up or down, without compromising the integrity of the ring.  Changing the size of the ring may also affect the value.)  If you are interested in this ring, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at (615) 484-6701 or e-mail us at sales@championshiprings.net.